Research And Development

With over 16 years in the business, NF Skin Formulators are a globally recognized Skin Care manufacturer specialist in the area of research & development.

Our experienced chemists will assist you to make formulas that were powerful and money-making products suited to match the requirements of your target demographic. Through the , procedure R&D our lab team will remain focused on the effectiveness, safety, stability, and longevity of your goods.

When you decide on Cosmetic Options, our state of the art lab as well as our seasoned staff can be an important element of your company.

In House Lab
Our fulltime chemists manage a state of the art, in house lab, so we are able to run nearly all our research and development on site, decreasing time-to- expediting production time and ledge.

Our development staff uses investigation to be conducted by a massive number of advanced and definitive resources. Info sharing on Medical Information, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Raw-Material Technical Data is offered through our close relationship as well as our sellers by making use of their research labs. In addition, we use sources, along with an extensive variety of academic benchmarks and also accredited on-line.

In-depth scientific understanding is gathered by us on their effectiveness as well as recyclables, as a way to boost and enlarge formulas and our products. All development procedures are assigned laboratory numbers and get methodical testing of ingredient interaction and varied actives. Samples in many cases are supplied for evaluation to customer concentrate panels, leading to safer formulas higher quality products, and aggressive pricing.

Formula Abilities and In House R&D

For our clients, we’ve invented a large number of natural skin care products throughout the last 16 years. With over 900 SKU’s to choose from stock formulation we also have in house R7D and Chemist to formulate you custom blends.










Body Butter


Body Wash






At Aesthetic Remedies, our aim would be to deliver the most secure as well as best products to their market as well as our clients. Quality-control requirements and our rigorous testing enable us to do exactly that!

Our goods are not just analyzed during creation and development, but in addition through the filling procedure to make certain secure and consistent results. Our product formulations all are scrutinized for the very best quality utilizing state of the art gear.

Many standard tests are often conducted by us on our merchandise, including:

Specific Gravity (sg) tests

pH balance tests

Viscosity tests

Appearance (aesthetics) tests

Odor tests

Microbial tests

Stability tests

Selective Heavy Metal tests

Our rigorous testing procedures are industry leading and are in place to guarantee you the highest quality and efficacy products available on the market today. For over 16 years we have been offering the highest skin care and staying around this long proves it! NF Skin is your Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer.


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