Contract Skin Care Manufacturing

NF Skin Formulators are one leader when it comes to the manufacturing markets for skincare, offering businesses an opportunity in developing their unique skincare formulations to promote their brands. The all-inclusive process is conducted onsite and includes printing, design, formulation, creation as well as shipping.

Over the last 16 years, NF Skin Formulators has successfully worked alongside an extensive array of different clients in the manufacturer of millions of different skincare products. Some of the products this business specializes in include scrubs, creams, peels, oils, cleansers, serums, gels and more. The chosen product is then stored into just about any container size which includes a single-unit dose, gallons or even bulk drums. They also offer the private-label program which is aimed at ensuring their customers achieve success with their particular skincare line. They provide each client with confidentially in the way of protecting their formulations using a standard non-disclosure agreement. Some of the top benefits of using Cosmetic Solutions include:

  • Fast Turn Around Times On Products
  • Expert Skincare Professionals
  • Graphic-Designer Team That Operates In-House
  • Packaging Showroom On-Site
  • Free Product Training And Information

Contract Skin Care Manufacturing

For additional information on how clients can get started, they can contact Cosmetic Solutions, and a representative for new accounts will gladly be of assistance.

Manufacturing Products

Selecting the right manufacturer for a client’s skincare range is a very vital part of the production process, but is an easy choice when using a company such as Cosmetic Solutions. This company makes use of what is known as Lean Manufacturing Approach that they use throughout the process of production that minimizes waste and optimizes the workflow. The team all have extensive training experience, and they make use of state-of-the-art technological equipment that produces professional, advanced and high-quality skincare ranges in regards to the fluid production line.

Each step of these manufacturing processes have all been analyzed to ensure increased efficiency which is inclusive of mixing the product, filling into containers, coding, followed by labeling, an advanced safety sealing system, packaging the product and then shipment. The entire process allows Cosmetic Solutions to generate significant savings internally, meaning they can provide their clients with cost effective prices.

Choosing The Packaging

Once the manufacturing process of a product has started, one of the account executives will assist the client with the packaging choices on offer. This includes an onsite showroom which is a dedicated space for all the packaging options. The account executive will ask the clients critical questions about their brand, budget, and vision and then assist the customer in choosing different product packaging options to arrive at an impressive and cohesive appeal. While the extensive range of the packaging options is typically inclusive of product costs, there are a few options that are known as upgrades and can incur nominal charges.

Establishment Of Brand Identity

Once the products have been manufactured and the packaging selected, the next step involves discussing the brand. This process includes that the client needs to have an understanding of who they would like to sell their products to, and who they may be as a business. This task may seem intimidating, but Cosmetic Solutions walks each client through the branding brief which involves asking the client a few basic questions about their brand. This translates into the creation of a look that will resonate with the customer as well as their clients.

Designing The Packaging

Once the brand is established, the products manufactured and the packaging was chosen, the next step involves creating the packaging. This is when the design team strategically plans various versions of the labels so that the client can review them electronically and offer their feedback. These creative processes are not only streamlined but also efficient and effective to guarantee their customers a quick turnaround time.

Marketing And Selling The Product

The process does not end just because the client has now received their skincare products. The professional team at Cosmetic Solutions continues to offer guidance and information to their customers on how to market and effectively sell their products. Some of these services include product brochures, online-ingredient database, and in-house skincare professionals that offer the client with the right information on how they can achieve success in regards to the skincare industry.


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