The Latest Breakthrough In Skincare Associated With Ceramides

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The Latest Breakthrough In Skincare Associated With Ceramides

Recently Dr. Oz offered his tips on how you can “drop a decade from your skin” and went onto making a strange recommendation that included phytoceramide lotions and creams which are plant-based ceramides, Vitamin C serums along with phytoceramides are around also. But many people want to know exactly what the phytoceramide capsules are and why would Dr. Oz recommend them?

About Phytoceramides And Do They Work?

The phytoceramide is the plant-derived equivalent of the ceramides, which is a lipid which helps to keep the skin plump and hydrated. The supplements that contain phytoceramide are mainly derived from wheat. In fact, ceramides can be naturally found in various foods, particularly wheat flour. The sphingolipids that contain ceramides can be consulted in a larger amount in soybeans, dairy products, and eggs. This means that you can obtain ceramides in food opposed to having to take a daily supplement. But if you decided to take a supplement in the form of phytoceramide capsules are they proven to be an excellent anti-aging method? To date, there is little evidence to back up these claims, and there is no independent based research on the phytoceramide Cream associated with its effects on the skin.

Are Ceramides Important For Younger Skin?

Ceramides naturally occur in the human skin, but there are various ceramides types such as ceramides 3 and six which are commonly found in the skin. All of the four layers of the epidermis will contain ceramides, and they play the significant role of creating a barrier that assists in decreasing the risk of infections as well as assisting the skin in retaining moisture. When the ceramides in the skin begin to reduce or diminish, this usually results in wrinkles, dermatitis and dry skin.

For many years, the ceramides were believed to be structural components to lipid bi-layers for all the cell membranes which include the upper layers of the skin. However, recent studies have gone on to discover that ceramides also perform the task of a type of signaling molecule which sends out messages to other areas of the body. This “signal” that they show is known as apoptosis which program one or more cells to die. For this reason, ceramides have become a significant subject in various studies associated with the role in regards to treating patients with certain types of cancer.

Are Topical Applications That Contain Ceramides Successful?

When it comes to the creams that contain ceramides, there is significant research available. In a Japan study conducted on the eyelids of 8 people that were treated using a type of ceramide gel over a period of 4 weeks produced results that the water content in the eyelid skin increased dramatically after this treatment. Also, a French study went on to prove that a topical ceramide along with other types of skin lipids showed improvements in skin-barrier repair. Individual ceramide gels have also shown up results in relieving dermatitis and sphingolipids derived from lactic acid bacteria when applied topically has been proven to increase the resistance in the skin to aging.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that topical ceramides are a worthwhile addition to the skincare regimen. One of the favorite brands such as our  NF Skin retail of course has been using ceramides for many years now.

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